Sunday, 22 June 2008

A new blog is born.......

Dear friends and family.

Here goes my bumbly blog.... Now that 3 mobile have FINALLY set up my internet connection at home I am able to waste my evening hours in front of the computer instead of watching the REVOLTING UK Big Brother. So shameful, I know. So, please grant me your patience while I discover how to put pictures on my blog and bore you with the details of my tiny life in the UK. I love your blogs and I hope you like mine just a little bit too.

Oh, and mamma.....I was looking at Emma's list of blogs and thought what an inventive person thought up a name like Runcible Spoon, looked at the blog and was amazed that someone would love Bellagio so much.....until I realised it was you. Too funny for me Joshua.


Kimberlee said...

yayyyyy! hello! can't wait to read more - you will get addicted, that i promise xx

Emma @ White & Wander said...

Welcome to the blogging world my darling sister ... cant wait to see what you post next xx

Elise said...

I love the header of Lotte tiles...and I'm so thrilled that you loved F&M. Do they honestly deliver by horse drawn carriage? I love it. I'll be a regular on Lotte & Leif, promise. It's wonderful. x

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