Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Divine Fortnum and Mason

Yesterday, being a delightful sunny day in London, I decided to go for a lovely, long walk to Fortnum and Mason. Located just off Piccadilly Circus (it has been there for 300 years) it is the Holy Grail of department stores.

To begin with, the current window displays are pale blue birdcages filled with treats from around the store such as birthday cake shaped candles, ladies etiquette books and faberge eggs. Oh, so pretty. This is accompanied by bird calls being piped from the store front to add to this beautiful sensory experience.
Clive Christensen, the most expensive perfume in the world is available at F and M. They also stock Caron, the oldest perfume house in the world.

On entering the store you are swept into a whirl-wind of colour and delightful scents from the bespoke lolly bar, the flower section and ice cream sundae bar! It is absolutely amazing!

Everything is packaged in a version of Tiffany Blue (surprisingly) and tied with bows and ribbons. In fact, it is like a super glamorous version of the old David Jones in Adelaide, just much, much smaller. They don't even have a clothes department but instead concentrate on food, wine (yes, they have Chapel Down) and accessories for the powder room, picnics, kitchen and garden.

A delightful spot for afternoon tea or chosing little Christmas presents for those in Australia...... Such a shame that you don't all live in London as then I could have treats delivered by the F and M Horse Drawn Carriage.....amazing!


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